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Welcome to
The Spiritual Coffee House

The Spiritual Coffee House with Randi “O” Sands on the road to spiritualism. 

The Spiritual Coffee House is more of a vibe than a destination, with blogs, videos on spiritual topics and readings. Be sure to check the calendar for information on our social media live events, workshops and classes on spiritual topics.​

Please see the Offerings tab for information on how to book Mediumship, Psychic, and Tarot readings.

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Workshops & Events

The Spiritual Coffee House is proud to offer courses to aid people of all levels to learn to develop and expand their abilities of psychic, mediumship abilities, and tarot card reading as well as several other workshops. Be sure to check the calendar section for all upcoming events.


Blogs & Videos

Develop Psychic Abilities, Animal Communication Classes, Accurate Psychic Medium Readings & More...

My Offerings

Psychic, Mediumship, & Tarot Readings, as well as Sound Bath Meditations

Locations & Hours

Make an appointment for a class or reading

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