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My Story

Randi “O” Sands is an internationally known Psychic Medium, animal communicator, Spiritualist Minister and Reiki Master in two different Reiki Modalities, who comes from a metaphysical family which includes Astrologers, Numerologists, Energetic Healers and Psychics.


When asked how her journey started, Randi often chuckles and says, “it started the day I was born.” Randi has always had a great relationship with her main spirit guide Sam. Even as a small child, her mother would say that Randi wanted to name everything Sam.


However, Randi’s journey really took off when her great aunt became ill, and Randi told her great aunt’s daughter what day her mother would graduate to the world of spirit. From that point on Randi began to make it her journey to seek out some of the top mediums in the world to help her truly hone her abilities. Some of them included Lisa Williams, Sharon Klingler, John White, and many others. 


Randi has utilizes her investigative mediumship working with law enforcement and or families regarding missing persons and murder cases, her favorite form of mediumship is still assisting parents who have lost a child with grief relief through mediumship.


She also has a great love for platform mediumship. Randi is also a teacher of Mediumship, Tarot and Animal Communication, Reiki and Manifestation.

Her true passion and purpose is in helping people heal through mediumship and in creating a spiritual community where people of like mind can come together to help each other expand and grow while always remembering that we are all forever students.

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